Liquid biopsy follow-up: A new era for women treated for advanced breast cancer

Patients with advanced ER+/HER2- breast cancer treated with endocrine therapy are at greater risk of developing resistance mutations in various genes, including Estrogen Receptor 1 (ESR1). ESR1 mutations, which affect 40% of women in this population, have been identified as a predictive biomarker of tumour response to the most recent treatment protocols using Elacestrant®.

In line with ESMO, NCCN and ASCO recommendations, ctDNA liquid biopsy is the sample of choice for the detection of ESR1 mutation status.

The monitoring of ESR1 mutations by #dPCR is now recognised as an effective means of enabling patients to be supported by appropriate therapy and for healthcare professionals to address treatment modification when necessary.

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Launch of our new kit: IDESR1

ID SOLUTIONS offers innovative liquid biopsy solutions, and has added a new kit to its catalog: IDESR1. This dPCR kit detects ESR1 gene activating mutations present on exon 8 and the E380Q mutation in plasma samples. The solution includes a patented internal control: ICE (Internal Control of Extraction), which validates all stages of the analytical process. ✅ An easy-to-use kit ✅ High sensitivity (0.2%) ✅ Detection in 1 single well ✅ Patented “ICE” internal control Contact us and take advantage of our special introductory offer! Coming soon: release of the IDESR1 (+) kit with detection of Exon 8, E380Q and rare mutations. Easy-to-use and ready-to-use, this product is intended for research use only (RUO).

For more information, visit the IDESR1 page.