Discover our IDQUANT range to follow the evolution of the cfDNA concentration during patient’s treatment
  • Sample qualification
  • Standardized quantification

ID-Solutions offers an IDQUANT proper kit tool for quantification and normalization of circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) using qPCR or digital PCR (dPCR) due to the innovative internal control (ICE) effectiveness.

The IDQUANT kits allow for a standardized following of a mutation of interest over time through our internal control (ICE), to evaluate the therapeutic response and the emergence of resistance during a treatment.

The kits provide a calibrated positive control (TPC) for the validation of the whole analytical process (from extraction to amplification).

We offer you :

  • IDQUANTd, Duplex, circulating DNA + ICE, dPCR
  • IDQUANTq, Duplex, circulating DNA + ICE, qPCR