About us

  • French company (Montpellier)
  • Team experts in extraction and isolation of DNA, including the circulating
  • Proximity with our users, protocols adapted to the real needs
  • At the forefront in technology monitoring




Our Goals

To improve

the diagnostic,

prognostic and predictive value
in oncology anaysis

To offer

a complete solution

(pre-analytical and analytical)
innovative for reliable,
fast, normalized and
standardized results

Our assays

  • Give its full potential to DNA as a circulating biomarker
  • Are performed starting by a simple blood drawn (liquid biopsy)
    • non invasive
    • allow to get free of intratumoral heterogeneity
  • Use real time quantitative PCR, NGS and the latest digital PCR technologies
    • adapted to all laboratories platforms

Our Solutions

Complete solutions adapted to the sensitivity and specificity required in therapeutic follow-up

Normalized circulating DNA extraction kits

Normalized circulating DNA quantification kits:

  • Exact quantitative tracking of circulating DNA fluctuations over time (linked to the extraction kit)
  • Identification of resistance or relapse appearance as soon as possible by simple regular blood draws
  • Absolute quantification when associated to digital PCR

Genotyping kits:

  • Identification/Quantification of circulating genomic biomarkers
  • Identification/Quantification of mutational load involved in drugs response/resistance

Contact us

+33 (0)4 67 79 72 60