IDXtract-MAG is a total circulating DNA extraction kit (cDNA) optimized for use on biological samples such as blood plasma.

The kit is based on magnetic bead extraction, allowing reproducible recovery of high quality cDNA. It contains a calibrated Positive Control (TPC) and an Internal Extraction Control (ICE) allowing the qualification and the quantification of the extraction process and the standardization of the concentration for each sample.

This kit concentrates the total cDNA in a small elution volume suitable for a wide range of applications, including real-time PCR, digital PCR (dPCR), next-generation sequencing (NGS) and genomic hybridization technologies.

The extraction can either be done manually using suitable magnetic racks, or carried out by an automate such as IDEAL (ID-Solutions) or KingFisher Flex (ThermoFisher).


“Method for the detection and quantification of circulating DNA and uses”  PATENTED TECHNOLOGY
Official publication numbers of applications “FR3061720” / “WO2018/127674”
Technologymagnetic beads
Product references and formatsIDXtract-MAG-24 (24 preps of 4ml)
IDXtract-MAG-100 (100 preps of 4ml)
Matrixplasma from 1 to 8 ml
Utilisationautomated protocol
ApplicationsNGS (Next-Generation Sequencing), dPCR (digital PCR), Real-Time PCR
Duration of protocol<2h for 24 preps
Storage temperatureambient temperature
Stability1 year

Associated consumables

Associated materials

  • IDEAL, extraction and purification robot of nucleic acids by magnetic beads
  • IDEAL-32, magnetic beads based nucleic acid extraction and purification robot


Characteristics of IDXTRACT-MAG extraction kit.


Example of the cDNA profile obtained after extraction of healthy plasma with the IDXtract kit.

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