On demand R&D

Thanks to our know-how and our expertise in molecular biology we develop kits for detection of the cancer-specific mutations that you needed within a collaborative framework. These products may later be commercially developed.

These kits are :

  • usable in ddPCR
  • with a sensitivity < 0,2%
  • multiplexed, and therefore compatible with the detection of multiple mutations at the same time

For example :

Production of 3 multiplexed kits to detect mutations associated with the development of brain tumors,                       in collaboration with Pr D .Figarella-Branger, AP-HM, Marseille, FRANCE.

Brain tumor classification panel

Pediatric Brain tumor

FGFR1 mutations
FGFR1 duplication
BRAF mutations and fusion
PIK3CA mutations
H3F3A mutations

Available in October 2018

Adult Brain tumor

IDH1/2 mutations
EGFR / PDGFRa amplification
hTERT promotor mutations
PIK3CA mutations
H3F3A mutations

Available at the end of 2018

Brain tumor (CNV)


Co-Deletion 1p/19q
Chr7 trisomie

Available 1st quarter 2019

For example :

Production of 1 multiplexed kit to detect mutations associated with castration-resistant prostate cancer, in collaboration with Dr. PJ.Lamy, Labosud, Montpellier FRANCE.

Prostate cancer panel

Resistant to castration

AR mutations
AR amplification

Available 1st quarter 2019