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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for oncology diagnosis from circulating cell-free DNA:

  • qualification and/or quantification of each sample
  • normalization od cfDNA concentration
  • detection of cancer-specific mutations for targeted therapy
 IDXTRACT range to reliably, easily and quickly extraction
  • 2 controls included in our kits in order to check every step of your cfDNA extraction
  • Manual or automated method using magnetic beads

Detection kits

 IDQUANT range to monitor total cfDNA concentration over-time
  •  Sample Qualification
  • Standard Quantification
IDENTIFY range to detect multiple mutations in the same trial
  • Multiplexed solutions
  • Quantified results
  • Standardized validation data
Facilitate your pre-analytical process
  • Manual method
  • Automated method
Associated with IDXTRACT range
  • Validated Consumables