iSolutions™ Monkeypox Fullplex qPCR


Qualitative qPCR detection systemfor Monkeypox virus DNA with clade distinction (West Clade and Central Clade) and Orthopox virus


iSolutions™ Monkeypox Fullplex qPCR kit is a ready-to-use, real-time qualitative qPCR detection kit for the specific and simultaneous amplification of DNA from subspecies of Monkeypox virus (MPXV) and Orthopoxviruses, responsible for simian othopoxvirosis, also known as monkeypox.

It allows the differentiation of the Central African clade from the West African clade.

This qualitative fullplex system allows, for each sample, the specific and simultaneous amplification of all the targets in a single well.

Validated by the National Reference Centre for Orthopox viruses, the iSolutions™ Monkeypox Fullplex qPCR kit is intended to be used for research purposes only (RUO).

The kit should be used with previously extracted nucleic acid samples. The recommended matrices(1) for testing for Monkeypox virus are

  • mucocutaneous specimens which include biopsies or swabs of mucosal or skin lesions
  • ENT specimens including
  • oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal swabs
  • semi-deep and deep respiratory swabs
    cerebrospinal fluid samples.

These samples can be stored on dry swabs or in viral transport medium.

Thanks to its universal PCR program, the kit is compatible with all products in the iSolutions™ range.

Compatible thermal cyclers: 

QuantStudio 5 / QuantStudio 7 / CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR detection System


(1) according to the Order of 29 July 2022 amending the Order of 9 July 2022 relating to vaccination against the Monkeypox virus and amending the list of acts and services mentioned in Article L. 162-1-7 of the Social Security Code

References and formats IS-MPXV-25 (25 tests)
IS-MPXV-50 (50 tests)
MatrixMucocutaneous swabs, ENT swabs, semi-deep and deep respiratory swabs, cerebrospinal swabs
Protocol duration1h00
Storage temperature-16°C < -26°C
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