a multiplex kit for H3F3A mutations detection in tumor DNA

The ready-to-use IDH3F3A kit is a multiplexed and sensitive tool for the detection and quantification by digital PCR (dPCR) of H3F3A‘s mutations (H3 Histone Family Member 3A), for the classification of brain tumors.

Molecular alterations of the H3F3A gene, located on chromosome 1q42.12, are present in many types of cancers, including cerebral tumors. These mutations cause a deregulation of DNA methylation. The most common mutations in cerebral tumors are single variants K27M (high prevalence for young adults) and G34R and G34V (high prevalence for adults).

Technical specifications

This optimized kit provides a multiplexed solution allowing, for each sample, to simultaneously amplify, in one PCR reaction, the H3F3A‘s mutations at positions K27M*, G34R* and G34V* (Ref: IDH3F3A(s)-25).

This kit can be used on circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) extracted from plasma samples or DNA extracted from FFPE tissues.

It is compatible with Crystal Digital PCR ™ system (Stilla).

*This numbering follows the histone nomenclature. However, these mutations can be referred to as K28M, G35R and G35V in some scientific publications
Reference and formatIDH3F3A(s)-25 (25 preps)
(s) Stilla
MatrixCirculating DNA extracted from plasma
Genomic DNA extracted from FFPE
ApplicationDigital PCR (dPCR)
Duration of the protocol2h (Naica-12 samples)
Storage temperature-20°C
Stability1 year

IDH3F3A - Tumor DNA H3F3A Mutation Detection Kit


Characteristics of IDH3F3A kit


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