a multiplex kit for EGFR mutations detection in tumor DNA

The IDEGFR kit offers a highly sensitive multiplex digital PCR tool to detect and quantify activating or resistance mutations of EGFR (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor) involved in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The highest number of detectable mutations allows a better patient stratification for targeted therapies using tyrosine kinase inhibitors.

Technical specifications

Three optimized kits provide a multiplex solution ( ready-to-use) allows, for each sample, a simultaneous amplification in one PCR reaction :

  • Activating mutations (L858RL861Q and Del19 – 1st kit) (Ref: IDEGFR(s) SENSI-50),
  • Mutations of resistance (T790M and C797S (cis/trans) – 2nd kit) to 1st and 3rd generation targeted therapies (Ref: IDEGFR(s) RESIST-50),
  • Activating mutations or rare mutations (S768IG719X and ins20 – 3rd kit) (Ref: IDEGFR(s) RARE-50).

This kit can be used on circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) extracted from plasma samples or DNA extracted from FFPE tissues.

It is compatible with naica® system

Reference and formatIDEGFR(s) SENSI-50 (50 preps)
IDEGFR(s) RESIST-50 (50 preps)
IDEGFR(s) RARE-50 (50 preps)
(s) Stilla
MatrixCirculating DNA extracted from plasma
Genomic DNA extracted from FFPE
Duration of the protocol2h30 (12 samples with Sapphire chips)
ApplicationDigital PCR (dPCR)
Storage temperature-20°C
Stability1 year

IDEGFR - Tumor DNA EGFR Mutation Detection Kit


Characteristics of IDEGFR (SENSI / RESIST / RARE)  kit


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