a kit for extraction of DNA from FFPE

IDXtract-MAG-FFPE is a kit for the extraction of nucleic acids from formaldehyde-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections (FFPE), using magnetic beads. It enables high-quality DNA extraction to improve the performance in downstream applications, such as real-time PCR, digital PCR (dPCR), Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and genomic hybridization technologies.

This kit allows DNA extraction from 5-10µm sections of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded sample (FFPE). The magnetic bead technology provides maximum flexibility and easy adaptation for automated use.

Extraction can be carried out by a robot such as IDEAL-96 (ID-Solutions), IDEAL-32 (ID-Solutions) or any other open magnetic bead robot.

The IDXtract-MAG-FFPE kit is validated for cuts of 5 to 10 μm of FFPE tissue blocks.

IDXtract-MAG-FFPE, the extraction kit of genomic DNA isolated from FFPE

TechnologieMagnetic beads
Références produits et formats IDXtract-MAG-FFPE-96 (96 preps)
IDXtract-MAG-FFPE-384 (384 preps)
Matrice≤ 5 mg tissue ≤ 15 mg paraffin
UtilisationAutomated protocol
ApplicationsNGS (Next-Generation Sequencing), dPCR (digital PCR), Real-Time PCR
Durée du protocole4h30/32 samples. Complete protocol
Température de stockageAmbient temperature
Stabilité1 year

Associated consumables

Associated materials

  • IDEAL-96, extraction and purification robot of nucleic acids by magnetic beads
  • IDEAL-32, magnetic beads-based nucleic acid extraction and purification robot

IDXtract - cfDNA - circulating DNA extraction kit based on silica-column


Characteristics of IDXtract-MAG-FFPE kit



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