ID™ One-Step LysMix                                                                                            

One-step LysMix is a cell lysis reagent for the extraction of DNA/RNA without a purification step. This solution allows the release of genetic material instantly, for analysis of lysates directly by qPCR/PCR.

This ready-to-use reagent adapts to the needs of laboratories thanks to a simple and fast procedure, to facilitate the workflow of its users.

It can extract nucleic acids from both dry and liquid swabs* depending on the laboratory’s needs.

This product can be used for research purposes only (RPO).

*In TE (Tris-EDTA) transport medium

ID™ One-step LysMix is a cell lysis reagent for DNA/RNA extraction without a purification step.

Reference and format IDOS-LYSMIX-500 (500 réactions)
IDOS-LYSMIX-2500 (2500 réactions)
MatrixDry or liquid swabs (only in TE transport environment)
ApplicationsReal-Time PCR
Duration of protocole1 min.
Storage temperature-21°C (+/-5°C)
CertificateNo - Research Use Only
Documentation on request at

Documentation on request at