Associated with the IDXTRACT range
  • Global solution
  • Validated consumables
The consumables


  • IDLYSE-24, lysis plate 25mL (24 wells)
  • IDWELL-24, plate Deepwell 10mL (24 wells)
  • IDTIPWELL-24, combi Tip comb/Deepwell 10mL (24 tips/wells)
  • IDPURITY-96, concentration plate (96 wells)
  • IDWELL-32, deepwell plate 2mL (96 wells)
  • IDTIP-32, magnetic rod’s tip (8 samples)
  • IDVAC-24, vacuum manifold for processing of 24 silica membrane columns for cfDNA purification
  • IDVAC VALVE-24, valves for handling different flow rates of columns on IDVAC-24 Vacuum Manifold
  • IDVAC Mini Adapter, adapter for connecting the columns to IDVAC-24 vacuum manifold