IDQUANTd is a ready-to-use kit of  detection and normalized quantification by digital PCR or real-time PCR. It allows amplification of a target sequence of the human genome present at the rate of one copy per haploid genome.

It is an absolute quantification duplex system that allows the simultaneous amplification of the extracted cfDNA and an exogenous internal control (ICE) for each sample.

Normalization with the ICE control can only be done if the DNA has been extracted using the controls provided in the IDXtract and IDxtract-MAG Extraction Kit. The ICE control thus makes it possible to evaluate the extraction efficiency of the target for each sample and thus to standardize inter-test fluctuations for the same donor during a follow-up over time. By this standardization, IDQUANTd allows the monitoring of the circulating DNA concentration over time for the same donor.

Calibration with ICE is validated with the cDNA extracted with the range of IDXtract kits and can be used with other extraction solutions (Validation required). IDQUANTd can also be used without ICE to detect and quantify the cDNA.

This kit is compatible with the following instruments: LightCycler 480 (Roche Live Science), Digital droplet PCR QX200 (Biorad), Naica digital system droplet PCR (Stilla). For all other instruments, contact us.


“Method for the detection and quantification of circulating DNA and uses”  PATENTED TECHNOLOGY
Official publication numbers of applications “FR3061720” / “WO2018/127674”
Reference and formatIDQUANTd-50 (50 preps)
MatrixCirculating DNA extracted from plasma and FFPE
Applicationsdigital PCR (dPCR), Real-Time PCR
Duration of protocol dPCR 4h, qPCR 1h00
Storage temperature-20°C
Stability1 year

Associated consumables

  • IDXtract, silica-column based extraction and purifaction kit for total circulating DNA
  • IDXtract-MAG,  magnetic beads-based extraction and purifaction kit for total circulating DNA


Characteristics of IDQUANTd kit


Digital PCR data (dPCR) obtained with the kit IDQUANTd on circulating DNA extracted from healthy plasma with the kit IDXtract.


Plasmas were enriched with an increasing amount of DNA before extraction with the IDXtract kit. The analysis of the [cfDNA] / [ICE] ratio shows no difference between the repetitions and makes it possible to compare this ratio between the samples without taking into account the variations involved.

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